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Lior Lazarof is an Israeli Dance Artist, the Artistic Director of her own company. The company collaborates with artists from various disciplines, exploring the border point between the physical body and defined space. In her projects, Lior questions the stage as a medium that creates a space, but is also a binding structure for the relation of spectator-performer.

With a strong passion for storytelling, Lior draws her inspiration from personal stories that had left a sensation or emotion that could easily be accessed both mentally and physically as an honest and pure source for movement. Her physical research is based on the body's movement motors, that forms its ability to transform and evolve. Lior’s methods untie the personal and the self; both liberally ascend into abstract choreographic commentaries. Reflecting aspects of our human lives through dance: emotional, spiritual, physical, social and political, Lior devises an approachable yet challenging performance experiences.

Her work I saw a fish in the river(it had some of you in it) in collaboration with sound composer Adam Marton Horvath was supported in 2016 by the cultural programme of the European Union through the Project Life Long Burning and created as part of a residency hosted by Ultima Vez Dance Company, Brussels.

In 2017 Lior created anōmalía, by the invitation of New Europe Biennial Festival for their 15th anniversary. The work tours internationally since then and won the Gala evening in SzoloDuo International Dance Festival in Budapest 2018. Also in 2017, she was commissioned by Cialo/Umsyl(PL) and SIN culture center(HU) to create Variation of Interior, a participatory solo performance which premiered in Cialo/Umsyl Dance Festival in Warsaw.

In 2018 Lior developed a full evening piece for 5 dancers that Premiered in Budapest, for more info, check projects page.

Her works have been invited to perform at international dance festivals world wide; Spain, South Korea, Sweden, Bulgaria, Belgium, Portugal, to name a few. She was selected as 2019 Emerging Choreographer in Springboard Danse Montreal.

Lior is member of L1 association, an interdisciplinary artists association based in Budapest, and is also a part of Léxico, an international collaboration and exchange performance project between dance artists who speak different languages.

The Company receives continuous support by Workshop Foundation(HU), SIN culture center(HU), and L1 association(HU).